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In the UK, mediation is now the approved pathway in the current landscape of family dispute resolution processes to provide separating and divorcing families with the opportunity to resolve their disputes co-operatively with less acrimony, delay and cost than the traditional competitive litigation and court process.


Different Mediation Services to resolve disputes in a cost & time effective manner!

Sole Mediation

Couples and Families work with one family mediator.

Shuttle Mediation

Two parties in dispute are sat in different rooms and mediator 'shuttles' between them, to try to reach an agreement.


Co-mediation might be just what you are looking for to help find solutions and a constructive way forward if the dynamics between you and your partner might be complex.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Our Muslim Asian mediators help clients all over the UK and world as we offer online mediation. We have a wealth of experience in handling family mediation cases from the Asian community.

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Benefits of Mediation

Family mediation has many advantages over other ways of resolving issues surrounding separation and divorce.

Control of the Situation

Family mediation recognises that you are the experts about your own family.

It leaves the decision-making to you and your partner, giving you much more say in your future than having the decision made for you by a judge.

Less stressful and combative process

Mediation is about communication and openness rather than the potential hostility of legal negotiations. A trip to court is taxing for everyone, while mediation aims to reduce conflict between you and your partner so you can make decisions together.

And, of course, the better the two of you are able to cooperate, the easier the separation is likely to be for your children.

Financial savings

With significant cuts to legal aid for litigation in recent years, getting legal representation and taking your case to court can be expensive as well as traumatic. Legal aid is still available for family mediation, though, so if you’re struggling financially you may be able to work through your issues with a mediator for free or at a reduced cost.

Even if you aren’t eligible for legal aid, mediation still tends to be cheaper than litigation. According to figures from the National Audit Office.

Speed of proceedings

Solving issues through mediation is generally much faster than going through court: 110 days on average, against nearly 450 for non-mediated separations or divorces.

The time the mediation will take very much depends on the individual case, but with the average mediated resolution nearly four times shorter than the average court separation, mediation is a much quicker route to a solution.

Primrose Mediation

Mediation is the process by which families can negotiate about future arrangements for children with the help of a neutral third party. The mediator does not tell parties what to do, but can help the parties to reach their own agreements amicably, whilst trying to improve communication between them.

Why Choose Our Services

Exemplary Professional Standards

Clients are guaranteed that all mediators working for Primrose mediation are qualified and work to recognised exemplary professional standards.

Client Confidentiality

We are fully committed to providing clients with an exceptional level of service and retain client confidentiality at all times.

Fully Accredited Mediators

All of our family law mediators are accredited to one of the officially recognised Family Mediation Council organisations such as The Family Mediators Association, Law Society, Resolution, National Family Mediation or The College of Mediators.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it… Check out what our clients say about us!

"Shuttle mediation with Hafsa as a mediator exceeded my expectations, she was brilliant.

I wasn't too sure what the mediation would entail but I felt very comfortable talking with her.

Thank you for helping us and for your service. I would definitely recommend Primrose Mediation Ltd."
Suheil Rassid
"I have found Hafsa to be an excellent mediator with great communication skills. Myself and my ex-partner were extremely distressed when we first separated with so many issues to work out for the future.

Having 3 sessions with Hafsa, she used her expertise and knowledge to help us reach an agreement to avoid the court process. Thank you very much for your services! "
"I appointed Hafsa as my mediator recently as I needed to lodge Form A in court. Though this remained a one-off remote service, it was evident how quickly Hafsa understood the remit of the case tabled to her and displayed great empathy and vital listening skills to grasp its seriousness and implied repercussions.

You will definitely be in good hands, should you decide to choose her."
Susan Moore

Family Voucher Scheme


The Ministry of Justice has developed a mediation voucher scheme, whereby a contribution of up to £500 per case/family to the mediation costs of a child arrangements case will be offered, encouraging people to seek to resolve their disputes outside of court where appropriate to do so.

The purpose of the scheme is to promote the benefits of mediation and divert matters where appropriate away from the family courts. The scheme will offer mediation participants a financial contribution of up to £500 per family towards the total costs of their mediation. This payment will be made directly to mediation providers by the FMC which is administering the scheme on behalf of the MoJ.